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FEB. Flavors for LOVE

chili lime salty caramel ice cream

amaretto ice cream

chocolate chili cinnamon sorbet

pomegranate raspberry sorbet

4 great heart healthy flavors to spice up your love life !  Sweet collective reopens Wed. Feb 6th for scoops and pints.  Check out our other retail locations that offer a variety of flavors in the links and locations section on the right.

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Holiday Flavors Available !!! at multiple locations

Ice Cream

Pecan Caramel

Candy Cane Marshmallow

Sour Cream Cinnamon

Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Dark Chocolate

Orange Cardamom Sherbet

Cream Cheese with Gingerbread

Hazelnut Brown Butter Orange Sage

Buffalo Trace Bourbon with or without Milk Chocolate


Chocolate Coffee

Grapefruit Campari

Blueberry Cider Sorbet

Cranberry Orange Sage

Cherry Ginger Soda Sorbet

Pomegranate Raspberry Black Tea

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Mini Ice Cream Cakes

A fantastic dessert for 4

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Ice Cream, Sweet Potato Ice Cream on top of a Mixed Nut Cake .

Pick it up at Sweet Collective 5333 N. Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL

We do custom ice cream cakes – choose your flavors and we make it. Give us an email:

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Fall Favors Announced – Finally


Catch updates on twitter


Chocolate Tarragon

Blueberry Banana Rosemary

Pomegranate Raspberry Black Tea  ( available at Goddess Grocer Bucktown and soon Downtown Farmstand)

Pear Apple Cider Champagne Sorbet ( available at Z & H and Goddess and Grocer Gold Coast)

Grapefruit Balsamic Vinegar

Spiced Cider Apple (available at Marion Street)

Ice Cream

Pecan Caramel ( available at Goddess and Grocer Bucktown)

Caramel Apple

Pumpkin Spice

Sweet Potato Pie

Sour Cream Cinnamon ( The very best Ice Cream with Apples)

Madagascar Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Orange Thyme

Cream Cheese w/ Gingerbread (Yes, we make the Gingerbread ourselves)

Hazelnut Brown Butter Orange Sage (coming next week to Goddess and Grocer Bucktown)

Banana Ice Cream w/ Chocolate Covered Pecans  (This is the one, I can almost eat a whole pint in one sitting)

Buffalo Trace Bourbon w/ Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate w/ Lemon, Ginger, and Black Sesame

Please note:  If you really want a specific flavor contact us and we will make it Just For YOU.
email  or call Sweet Collective 773-293-0888

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Ice Cream and Sorbet for August 19-23, 2009

Visit us at  Sweet Collective located in Chicago, IL at 5333 N. Lincoln Ave
Enjoy a scoop today!     Be sure to check our blog regularly for updates and news! 

Ice Creams

Fresh strawberry  – made with organic strawberries
Dark Chocolate
Banana Chocolate
Peach w/ cookie cobbler  w/ Peaches from Daley Plaza Farmers Market
Cream cheese w/ Lemon Cake
Sour Cream Cinnamon
Coffee Ice Cream w/ Toffee  – Made w/ Papa Nicholas Coffee


Nectarine Strawberry
Peach Cucumber  -all produce purchased from Daley Plaza farmer’s market
Citrus Zen  – (Pineapple, Grapefruit, Lime, Orange Juice w/ Tazo’s Zen Green Tea
Pinot Noir Raspberry  – (one of top five favorites) w/organic raspberries
Rising Sun Tea w/ Fresh Plums  – ( Julius Meinl’s amazing tea made of Green Rooibos tea, sunflower blossons, rose petals, and cornflowers.).

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Flavors for Friday August 7th 2009 -Sunday August 9th

Featured at our store Sweet Collective:


Peach w/ Vanilla Ginger Cookie Cobbler
Cream Cheese w/ Lemon Cake
Dark Chocolate
Coffee w/ Toffee
Banana w/ Chocolate Pecans and Caramel sauce
Chocolate Banana
Our “Arcane” Travel and Leisure Flavor – Sour Cream Cinnamon


Peach Cucumber Tarragon
Pinot Noir Raspberry
Cherry Ginger Ale
Citrus Zen
Rising Sun Plum

Plus, Sorbet Sandwiches are on sale!      Vanilla Ginger Cookie + Citrus Zen Sorbet

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Guinness Ice Cream. Guinness Served Responsibly

Guinness is best served extra cold, as the bottle says. I think ice cream maximizes this.

It all started two years ago, when I decided to follow a recipe (it is a rarity) of Grammercy Tavern’s Pastry Chef, Claudia Flemming. In her book, The Last Course, I made her guinness stout cake. Honestly, I didn’t taste Guinness. I tasted a moist, delicious spice cake. Not what I was going for though. Guinness is one of my favorite beers and I wanted to taste it in this cake.

My immediate thought.. I could get a stronger Guinness flavor by making ice cream ! Umm Yeah !.! I was working on a St. Patricks plated dessert.

Searching recipes on the internet and ones I had, I combined a few and learned.

1. The less molasses the better 2. No on the cassis (When I was visiting my welsh friend, Cath in England for St. Patrick’s Day I might add, she had Guinness with a splash of cassis liquer. I tried it. Not bad. The sweet berry syrup cut down the bitterness and made easier for someone to drink).

Cath at Guinness Brewery Cath in front of St. James Gate Brewery.

3. Easy on the Cloves. 4. Ask others opinions, if they taste ginger. Ginger tends to overpower the other spices and flavors. Ginger is also, one of the rare flavors that has to be incredible pronounced for me to taste. To achieve the subtly needed I need to consult with my co-workers.

I was not happy with my first batch. It was tasting more and more like Lucky Charms Cereal. To save the batch I added a bottle and a half of beer and spun it. It had potential. Most said they could taste Guinness. I was just glad it wasn’t Lucky Charms Cereal Ice Cream anymore.

Two Years Later… I am thrilled with it. Strong on Guinness Beer with a hint of spice and coffee, a creamy and cool texture, plus, I love the gingerbread stout cake with it! This is how cake is suppose to accompany ice cream. Ice cream allows one to highlight the true flavor of the original ingredient. The creamy, refreshing alcoholic zing, plus the moist spice cake, results in a delightful comfort of true happiness.


Guinness Ice Cream. with blue background Close up of the Guinness Ice Cream with gingerbread stout cake


Product placement Product placement !!